Wednesday, December 31, 2008

About Me

Sigfús Víkþörðson

I currently have two blogs, one devoted to "eccentric exercise" to treat chronic patellar tendinitis ; the other highlights my Iceland photos, ....

I created the "eccentric exercise" blog after I developed tendinitis in mid-2004. The tendinitis resulted from doing a lot of bicycling over a period of two weeks. The inflammation went away after some time, but I continued to have pain that lasted for several years. After trying everything from acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractors, pain drugs, lidoderm patches, ointments, etc... the only thing that significantly reduced my pain was "eccentric exercise." I learned about such exercise through reading medical journal articles. However, I had to develop a protocol that worked for me through trial-and-error.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sigfus

Love the pics.

I need to do some filming in Iceland. landscapes beautiful sites that sort of thing for one of my clients and I was wondering what the best time of year would be to get the best shots.

Thanks for any advice

Sigfús Víkþörðson said...


I recommend filming in the summer. You will have nearly 24 hours of sunlight and relatively warm weather compared to the rest of the year. Also, more roads will be open across the country. The photos on this website were taken in the summer.

Happy filming.